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John 0418 358 386

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Welcome to Rocksmith Construction

Welcome to Rocksmith Construction.

Boulder Rocks

Boulder Rocks

Boulder Rocks

It is very easy to become confused between different grades of rock as variances between quarries are usual and there are no universal standards.   What is classed as “B Grade” in one quarry may be “Random” in another.  To further add to the confusion, there is another class of rock known as “Boulder” or “Bush” rock.  This grade is often wrongfully interchanged with “Random” grade, but there are differences between the two.  Random rock – or what we here at Rocksmith regularly call “Oopsies!” grade, has been mined from a quarry site using wheel sawn cutting blades.  Unfortunately, something has gone wrong with the mining process and the rock does not have a uniform size or shape, and is therefore somewhat ‘random’ in appearance.  You can expect Random grade rock to be sourced from a mining site or quarry where it can be purchased at a reduced price.  In contrast, “Boulder” or “Bush” rock is sourced from the land and can be found on – or close to – the surface.  This rock is usually sourced from development sites where earthmoving and landscaping is needed in preparation for a new build, such as a housing estate or a shopping centre. 

The rock must necessarily be removed from the site before construction begins and can then be recycled into retaining walls or used as feature rocks in garden beds. As bush rock is found naturally on the surface, it will usually have a darkened, weathered appearance. It is unlawful to remove bush rock from the natural environment with proper authorisation and we would strongly encourage you to ensure that the bush rock you are sourcing has been sourced lawfully and in a sustainable manner.

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