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Welcome to Rocksmith Construction

Welcome to Rocksmith Construction.

Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone Blocks

Diamond Sawn

Diamond sawn sandstone blocks are the highest quality sandstone block available. Largely blemish-free and perfect, they require precise handling and special care. Landscaping blocks must be custom ordered as they are only produced on demand. Expect a price tag of several hundreds of dollars each. Sandstone step treads are also available locally with an all over diamond cut finish, or top and bottom diamond cut finish only.

A Grade

A Grade sandstone blocks may be diamond cut or wheel sawn. Wheel sawn blocks are designed to be more budget-friendly while maintaining aesthetic appeal. A Grade sandstone blocks may have 5 or 6 wheel sawn sides. While not promising perfection, you can expect your A Grade blocks to largely be true to shape and size with few chips and nicks. Sizes range from 400 x 400 x 1000 to 1000 x 1000 x 1000.

B Premium and B Plus

When we start to get into the variety of B Grade rocks, we find that shape, size, colour and quality can vary greatly from between quarries.  You can expect all of your B Grade rocks to be wheel sawn at a minimum.  B Premium rocks must have at least 4 sawn sides and should be consistent in size, shape and quality.  Some quarries offer B Premium blocks with 5 or 6 sawn faces, while others only stock B Premium with 4 wheel sawn sides.  This grade is the preferential B Grade when building a wall with some height as they provide a consistent base.  Likewise, they provide a neater finish when retaining smaller embankments just one block high.

B Grade

When it comes to B Grade it is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. At some quarries, B Grade is simply a seconds grade of B Premium with some inconsistencies in size and quality, while at other quarries B Grade is ‘anything usable’. B Grade sandstone blocks may have a wheel sawn face, a rough textured face, or be more random in size and shape depending on the quarry it came from. When considering B Grade it is important that you make an informed decision based on the recommendations of your QBCC licensed builder.


Random sized and shaped sandstone is just that – random! Some quarries class this grade as B Grade, while others sell it as rough pickings. When used in the right project by the right builder though, random can give a stunning effect while still providing an effective option.

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